Building a consultancy

I once dated a Registered Deititian (RD) who was having difficulty finding the exact kind of work she wanted to do: gastrointestinal and sports nutrition.  She was having some success finding work in sports nutrition, but it was difficult to find a full-time position in gastrointestinal nutrition because it is so niche.  After hearing her struggles, I told her to go into business for herself as a dietary consultant.

Over the next 6-months I helped build her consulting business by first developing a sales and marketing strategy with her, building a website, finding office space, building an accounting system, registering the business, etc. etc.  She has since found herself a fantastic employer that allows her to focus on her niches and continues to get high quality leads from her website that she brings to her new business.  I would estimate that website has generated $60K worth of business for her over the 2 years it has been up so far.

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