Mobile E-learning

iPhone screenshot of the mobile-optimized educational content








My colleague on these projects, Iain MacDonald, had received grant money from Nokia to do some work with mobile education.  Iain proposed a project to deliver educational content to smartphones via QRcodes.  The content was to be on the various machines in the CAWP machine lab.  The machines were an ideal application for this approach because they were complicated, dangerous, and expensive if damaged by improper use.  Students are taught in a course how to use most of the machines, but oftentimes forgot the operational details a couple years later.  Additionally, the flexibility and power of using a smartphone allowed us to deliver content in a way that paper just can’t.

Currently, there are 14 QR codes on machines throughout the lab; from CNC routers to moulders.  Each machine has content on (1) Applications (2) Components (3) Safety and (4) a short quiz.  This was a really neat little project my coworker and I were able to complete in less than 6 months part-time, with a total cost around $4,000.  The relatively low cost and short turnaround time was achieved by leveraging WordPress with the WPTouch Pro plugin.

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